Navigation Panel – Introduction
Looking at the Admin CP Navigation Panel you will see a number of sections, the purpose of each will sometimes be clear and in other cases less obvious. This part of the manual will act as a brief summary of those section, informing you of their contents and purpose.

Kayako ss navpanel001 Navigation Panel

The Navigation Panel contains a number of switches, toggles and other controls that will alter the behavior of the software. All these switches are listed under the Options section which is sub-divided into various sub-sections.

Kayako ss navpanel002 Navigation Panel

The Settings option allows you to configure the software to suit your needs. The Settings section has been divided into various sub-sections allowing you to configure every section of SupportSuite.

Kayako ss navpanel004 Navigation Panel

The Templates section of SupportSuite allows you to modify and manage different template groups. The Templates section now is more advanced and robust with exiting new features.

The Templates section has all the tools you would require to customize the complete look of the Admin as well as the Client Interface. You can now Import as well as Export existing templates into and from SupportSuite.


Kayako ss navpanel005 Navigation Panel

The Languages section allows you to add multi-lingual support for the software. The feature allows you to edit the existing language as well as insert new languages.
Custom Fields

Kayako ss navpanel006 Navigation Panel

This feature allows you to insert, modify and manage custom fields. The feature allows you to add custom fields specific to a certain group.
Live Support

Kayako ss navpanel007 Navigation Panel

The Live Support setting allows you to monitor the visitor ban list. All visitors from the banned IP Address will not be able to use the Live Support services of SupportSuite.
Mail Parser

Kayako ss navpanel008 Navigation Panel

The Mail Parser of SupportSuite is extremely powerful and very robust. It is one of the crucial components of SupportSuite and allows you to simplify the complete workflow of the software.

Using the Mail Parser you can insert, modify and manage Email Queues.


Kayako ss navpanel009 Navigation Panel

The Tickets section will allow you to set up custom priorities, status and attachments types that SupportSuite should accept.
SLA – Service Level Agreements

Kayako ss navpanel010 Navigation Panel

Service Level Agreements allows you to create Plans and Work Schedules to make sure the client issues are handled promptly and in due time. This section allows you to manage schedules and plans for each agreements.
Escalation Rules

Kayako ss navpanel011 Navigation Panel

Escalation Rules allows you to setup SupportSuite to carryout certain actions when an ticket is marked overdue hence ensuring the ticket is not looked into due time is escalated to a higher authority.
Team Work

Kayako ss navpanel012 Navigation Panel

The Team Work feature of SupportSuite displays Staff Users shared events, tasks and contacts. This feature allows each Staff User to collaborate events, share contacts as well as assign task to each other.

Kayako ss navpanel013 Navigation Panel

The Logs section allows you to view the Task Log as well as the Parser Log of SupportSuite.
Scheduled Tasks

Kayako ss navpanel014 Navigation Panel

Scheduled Tasks allows you to execute recurring events like verification, re-creation or purging information for SupportSuite. The section allows you t manage and view such task.

Kayako ss navpanel015 Navigation Panel

The Database section allows you to repair and optimize the existing tables of your SupportSuite database. The section allows you to take a complete back up of your existing MySQL database.

Kayako ss navpanel016 Navigation Panel

The Diagnostics section will provide you with a complete overview of the SupportSuite system. It shall provide you with the information of all key aspects including all Active Sessions, PHP information, MySQL information and licensing information.

The feature also allows you to report a bug with Kayako support desk from the software itself.

Navigation Panel