Back Up – Database
This section allows you to back up your SupportSuite MySQL database by generating a single SQL database dump file.

Kayako ss dbase004 Back Up

Using the specified Back Up options, you can generate the SQL database dump file of your SupportSuite database.

Add “CREATE TABLE” SQL statements: This option if enabled, will add the CREATE TABLE <tablename> SQL query before the insert statements.

Compress SQL Dump: This option if enabled, will compress the SQL dump file using GZIP. It is highly recommended that you do not change this setting.

Note: What is GZIP?
GZIP is a compression utility designed to be a replacement for compress with much better compression and freedom from patented algorithms.

Note: This section might not function correctly if your database size is big as the script will timeout before the back up is generated. In that case we recommend you back up your database from MySQL CLI using mysqldump.

Once you have set the above settings, you can now generate the back up by clicking on the ‘Generate Backup‘ tab.

Other Back Up Options:

You can use this section to back up the system database, however it is recommended you generate the back of your database from the MySQL CLI using the mysqldump command.


mysqldump -u admin -p databasename > dump.sql

Restoring the SQL dump:

You can restore the generated back up file into your MySQL database using a third party software ‘PHPMyAdmin‘ or from the MySQL CLI using the mysql command.


mysql -u admin -p databasename < dump.sql

For more information refer to

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