License Info – Diagnostics
This section of SupportSuite provide the software license information.

Kayako ss diag008 License Info

The License Information has been sub-divided into two sub-sections:

– License Information
– Registered Domains

License Information

This section shall provide us with the following information:

Created On: The date on which the license was created on.

Expiry: Displays the License expiry date. Incase of ‘Owned’ licenses only, the expiry date shall be displayed as ‘– Never –’.

Full Name: The name under which the software has been registered with Kayako Infotech Ltd.

Unique ID: Each software license key has a Unique ID, this section shall display your license keys unique id.

Product: This section shall display the software type you are using: supportsuite, esupport or liveresponse.

Registered Domains

This section shall let us know the domain(s) for which the software is registered for.

Domain #1: Displays the domain for which the software is registered for. A license key registered for more than one domain shall display the domains as Domain #1, Domain #2, etc.

License Info