Report Bug – Diagnostics
SupportSuite now allows you to report a bug directly to the Kayako team from the software itself.

Kayako ss diag009 Report Bug

You can report a bug with Kayako by filling in the Bug Details form. The following are the fields which you are required to fill and submit in order to file a successful Bug Report.

Subject: Specify a suitable subject for the bug report.

Full Name: Specify your name.

Email: Specify a valid email address to which Kayako should send any update for the reported bug.

Note: This email is used as the “FROM” Email for the report dispatched to the Kayako team hence make sure this is a valid email.

Description: Provide a brief description of the issue using which the Kayako team can look into the report and provide a suitable solution. It is recommended that you keep the debug information as it helps us trace the problem faster.

Once you have filled in the above details, click on the Submit Bug button to file the bug report to the Kayako team.

Note: It is mandatory for you to fill in all the details of the form in order to register a successful bug report. It is also advisable to use valid information to receive regular updates for the reported issue.

Report Bug