Import/Export – Languages
The Import/Export section of the Languages allows you to import a language pack as well as export an existing language pack into XML format.

Kayako ss lang011 Import/Export

The section is sub-divided into two sub-sections:

– Export Language
– Import Language

Export Language: Languages are exported in XML format. The exported file contains various tags each tags that denote each phrase type.

Import Language: This section allows you to import an existing language pack file into SupportSuite.

Language XML File: Click on the browse tab and locate the XML language pack file which you want to add.

Merge With: This section is further sub-divided into two sub-sections.

– Create New Language: This option will create a new language entry using the inserted XML data file.
– Merge: This option merges the phrases with the specified language chosen from the drop down list. Please note, any existing phrase changes will be lost if merged.

Ignore Version: Uploading a language pack created for a previous version of SupportSuite can result in incomplete phrases. It is highly recommended that you do not enable this setting and follow the version check that is carried out during the Import.

Note: On trying to import a language pack of a previous version of SupportSuite, you shall receive the error Version Check Failed: The uploaded language pack was created using older version of SupportSuite if Ignore Version option is not enabled.