Insert Language – Languages
Insert Language section allows you to configure and add custom languages.

Kayako ss lang009 Insert Language

Language Title: Specify an appropriate title for the language. This is the title the clients shall see in the Language option in the Client Support Center.

Author: Specify the author for this language.

Is Default?: Select ‘Yes’ if you want to set this language as default language for the software.

Text Direction: Select the text direction for this language. In languages like Arabic the text direction is right to left unlike the English language where the text direction is left to right.

ISO Code: Enter the ISO Code for this language. A list of ISO Codes for specific languages can be found here.

Charset: Specify the HTML Character Set for this language.

Display Order: This setting displays the default display order number in which this language shall be displayed. This option allows you to choose a custom display order number for the language.

Once you have set the section according to your choice, click on the Insert Language tab to save the changes. Once saved, the software shall notify with the message ‘Language “Language Title” Inserted Successfully‘ and shall forward you to the Manage Languages section.

Insert Language