Manage Phrases – Languages
A phrase represents a single string containing text that could be translated. A language contains all the phrases that SupportSuite has broken down into various groups of phrases. You can specify the default language that guests will see; once a user is registered, he or she may change the language the software is displayed in.

The Manage Phrases section displays a list of phrases which you to maintain; allowing you to Edit and Delete them.

Kayako ss lang004 Manage Phrases

The Manage Phrases section has been sub-divided into four sub-sections:

– Add Phrase
– Language Jump
– Code
– Value

Add Phrase: On clicking on this option, the software shall toggle an Add Phrase option.

Kayako ss lang005 Manage Phrases

Code: Specify an unique Phrase Code using which you can output the value in the templates.

Value: The software shall display the value output for the above code. The output can contain HTML data.

Language Jump: On clicking on this option, the software shall toggle a Language Jump option.

Kayako ss lang006 Manage Phrases

This option allows you to switch languages; if you are using more than one language in the software; hence allowing you to manage phrases of more than one language.

Code: Displays the code for that phrase. You can delete a phrase by clicking on the red cross icon Kayako ss lang007 Manage Phrases next to code.

Note: A phrase code once deleted cannot be restored hence do not delete any phrase code unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing. The software will not output the data as expected if any of the required language phrase code is missing.

Value: Displays the value for that phrase. The value section contains two text areas.

Kayako ss lang008 Manage Phrases

The above text box displays the text which the software shall output when that phrase code is used in the templates. While the second text box allows you to an already added code.

Once you have updated the section, click on the Update tab to save the changes. Once saved, the software shall notify with the message ‘Phrases Updated Successfully‘.

Manage Phrases