Date & Time – Settings
This section allows you to set various Time and Date settings of the software.

Kayako ss settings009 Date and Time

Date Format: This option allows you to set the date format for the system. SupportSuite uses the PHP date() function to set date in the system. By default, the date in the system is displayed as 01 Jan 2006. For more information you can refer to the PHP date() function.

Time Format: This setting allows you to set the time format for the system. Like the date format, the system uses the PHP date() function to set the time format as well. By default, the time in the software is displayed as 12:30 PM.

Date & Time Format: This setting shall display the time and date format when both together are displayed at the same time. By default, date and time together are displayed as 01 Jan 2006 12:30 PM.

Time Zone: This setting allows you to select a default time zone for the software. Staff Users have an option to override this setting by selecting their time zone from Staff CP » Dashboard » Preferences » Settings.

Enable Daylight Savings: This option when when enabled will automatically adjust the time for the software as and when Daylight Savings apply.

Once you have set the settings to your choice, click on the Update Settings tab to save the changes.

Date and Time