General – Settings
The General Settings option allows you to set up the basic settings of the software. The section is sub-divided into two sub-sections:

Settings for: General
Default Theme Options

Settings for: General

This section allows you to configure the basic information for the software.

Kayako ss settings003 General

Company Name: Enter your company name in this field. The selected name shall appear in all the outgoing emails from the software as well as on the Client CP.

Product URL: Here you need to enter the full URL to SupportSuite with a trailing slash ‘/’ in the end of the URL. It is important that you enter the correct URL here or else numerous features of SupportSuite will not function correctly printing out errors or displaying ‘Page Not Found’ errors’. I have installed the software in a sub-directory supportsuite on the domain Hence, the correct URL for me shall be –

Note: The software will print an Invalid Domain error if the Product URL is set incorrectly.

Default Return Email Address: Enter the default email address in this field. This email address shall be used as the default “From” address if no Email Queues have been set the for the software. It is advisable you use one of the created Email Queues as the Default Return Email Address.

Note: Please make sure you DO NOT use any staff members email address who is assigned New Ticket Alert under Staff CP ยป Alerts as the Default Return Email Address, as it can trigger an email loop which can create numerous tickets in no time.

Redirect Type: This section allows you to choose your choice an redirect type. The section has been sub-divided into two options – Header Refresh and HTML META Refresh.

The Header Refresh option instantly re-directs you to the next page while the HTML Meta Refresh will present you with a brief text on the action carried out before being redirected.

Moderate Comments: This option allows you to view and approve all the comments submitted by clients for an existing knowledgebase question. On selecting ‘No’, the software shall automatically add the comments in the system.

Default Theme Options

This section allows you to select and set the interface related settings of the software.

Kayako ss settings005 General

Tab Menu Navigation Style: This option allows you to select the navigation style type for the software tab menu. The section has two options – Click and Hover.

Click: This option when selected will require the tab menu title to be clicked before they can be activated. By default this option is selected.
Hover: This option when selected will activate the tab as soon as you hover your cursor over it.

Client Support Center Navigation Bar Orientation: This option allows you to select the orientation for the Client Support Center Navigation Bar. The login and the search options in the client area are the part of the navigation bar in the client area. This setting allows you to display this bar on the right hand side or the left hand side of the client area. By default, this bar is displayed on the right hand side.

Note: This setting may not work if you are using a custom theme which does not support this setting.

Enable Extended Display for Client Support Center Theme: This option when enabled allows you to extends the view of the Client User Interface to use your entire browser width.

Enable Javascript Cache for Theme Items: This setting caches all time consuming and heavy output items of the software hence enabling it to render pages much faster. Although, the setting when enabled will not allow you to view the comments submitted by clients and new private messages received in real time.

Once you have set and selected the settings of your choice click on the ‘Update Settings’ tab to save them.