Mail Parser – Settings
This section allows you to configure the Mail Parser for the software. The section has been sub-divided into three sub-sections:

POP3/IMAP Fetch Settings
General Parser Options
Parser Log Options

POP3/IMAP Fetch Settings

This section allows you to choose various settings related to POP3/IMAP fetching.

Kayako ss settings027 Mail Parser

Maximum Number of Messages to Process in Single Pass: Specify the maximum number of messages the software should process in a single pass. Once the Mail Parser reaches this limit, it will end the message processing and the rest of the messages in inbox, if any, will be processed when the cron action is executed again. It is recommended that you do not make any changes to this setting.

Message Size Limit (In Kilobytes): Specify the message size limit in kilobytes for the messages received via POP3/IMAP. Any message which is larger than the specified size will be rejected. It is required that the size you specify here be less than the memory_limit setting set in your php.ini or else your messages might get stuck in the POP3/IMAP queue.

General Parser Options

This section allows you to choose settings related to the email content.

Kayako ss settings028 Mail Parser

Email Content Priority: An incoming Email can have two types of contents; HTML and Text. The Email Content Priority feature decides which Content Type SupportSuite should store for the Incoming Email in. It is recommended that this value should always be set as Text.

Strip <SCRIPT> Tags: This feature allows you to choose if you wish to allow your clients to use SCRIPT tags in their emails. It is highly recommended that you do not disable this option as enabling it shall allow your clients to run arbitrary JavaScript code in your Staff Web Browser whenever the Ticket is Opened.

Allow HTML Tags: The setting allows you to select if the Parser should or should not allow HTML Tags in the Content.

Valid HTML Tags: The setting allows you to specify the HTML tags that the Parser will not remove for the incoming email. By default the tags included as <a><b><i><u><font><hr><strong>.

Parser Log Options

This section allows you to choose various settings related to the Email Parser Log.

Kayako ss settings029 Mail Parser

Enable Logging: This setting allows the software to log the incoming email. It is recommended that this value be enabled hence allowing you to trace any issues with the incoming email.

Log Churn Timeline (In Days): Specify the number of days after which the Parser Log entries should be deleted from the system.

Max Log Entry Size (In Kilobytes): Specify the maximum allowed size for the Parser Log. Any Parser Log enter exceeding the set limit will not be recorded in the software database. Limiting the Parser Log size allows you to limit the size of the log entry table.

Note: The software shall display the error ‘– Mime Data Cleared due to Size Limit under Settings > Parser –‘ when the parser entry exceeds the maximum Parser Log set limit.

Once you have set the option according to your choice, click on the Update Settings tab to save the changes.

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