Security – Settings
This setting allows you to configure various security settings of the software including the cookies and sessions.

Kayako ss settings008 Security

Default Session Inactivity Expiry: This setting allows you to the set the time in seconds after which an idle session should be deleted from the system.

Session Inactivity Expiry for Site Visitors: This option allows you to set the seconds after which a Live Support session should be deleted. On expiry of a Live Support session, the software will display the message Session Expired. You will have to re-iniate the chat. We suggest you do not use a higher number for this session as it will increase the load on the server.

Cookie Domain: This setting allows you to enter the default domain for the cookie. To make the cookie available on all sub domains of then you’d set it to ‘’. The . is not required but makes it compatible with more browsers. Setting it to will make the cookie only available in the www sub domain.

Cookie Path: This setting allows you to set the cookie path. If set to ‘/’, the cookie will be available within the entire domain. If set to ‘/supportsuite/’, the cookie will only be available within the /supportsuite/ directory and all sub-directories such as /supportsuite/admin/ of domain.

Once you have configured the settings, click on the Update Settings tab to save the changes.