Insert Schedule – SLA
The Insert Schedule section allows you to insert the Schedule details used for setting your Service License Agreement.

Kayako ss sla002 Insert Schedule

The Schedule Details section is sub-divided into two sub-sections:
– Schedule Title
– Schedule Info

Schedule Title: Specify an appropriate title name for your Schedule. For better understanding and explanation I have titled my Schedule as Working Hours.

Schedule Info: This section allows you to choose appropriate working hours for your Schedule. SupportSuite allows you to set the working hours from 12.00 AM in the morning to 11.45AM in the night hence covering all possible time frames.

Once you have set the section according to your choice, click on the Insert Schedule tab to insert the Schedule. Once you have saved the Schedule, the software shall notify with the message ‘SLA Schedule “Working Hours (Schedule Title)” Inserted Successfully‘ and shall forward you to the Manage Schedules section which is explained in detail in the later part of the manual.

Insert Schedule