Maintenance – Tickets
The Maintenance section of the Tickets section allows you to rebuild the Post Index of the software for the loaded posts.

Kayako ss tickets002 Maintenance

Rebuild Post Index

This feature allows SupportSuite to perform a repetitive task of processing all the existing posts, one page at a time and then rebuild the Post Index for the loaded posts.

Number of Posts to Process Per Page: Specify the number of posts that SupportSuite should process on one page in the adjacent text box.

– If you receive an error during processing then try using a lower number.
– Since the process is extensive, you will require a highly configured server to process a higher number of posts at the same time.

Notes: It is necessary to Rebuild the post index when you upgrade the helpdesk from eSupport version 2 to eSupport/SupportSuite version 3. The Search feature of SupportSuite will not function properly if the post index is not rebuilt.

Click on the Rebuild tab to start the rebuilding process.

On clicking the Rebuild tab, SupportSuite shall start rebuilding the Post Index.

Kayako ss tickets003 Maintenance

Rebuild Post Index: Displays the completed rebuilding process in percentage.

General Information

Words Processed: Displays the number of words processed by the software.

Posts Processed: Displays the number of posts processed by the software.

Time Elapsed: Displays the time spent in carrying out the rebuilding process.

Est. Time Remaining: Displays the estimated time within which the complete process shall be completed in.