Admin CP – Set Up Panel – Departments
Departments: This section allows you to manage as well as insert new departments for your helpdesk.

Kayako ss admin014 Department

This section is further sub-divided into:

Insert New: This setting group allows you to add and configure new departments for your helpdesk.

Kayako ss admin015 Department

This section allows you to insert and configure the new department. The following settings will help you choose the best possible configuration for the new department.

Title: Please enter a suitable department title, in the adjacent text box, for the new department you wish to create. This title added shall be used as the From Name for all emails send from this certain unless this setting in overridden under Mail Parser ยป Queue Overrides.

Display Order: This setting allows you to choose the order of display for the created department. Departments shall be displayed in the Ticket Form according to the order chosen in this setting.

Type: Department type are sub-divided into two options – Public and Private.

Public: The department title for a public department shall be visible in the ticket form and can be viewed by both clients as well as the staff members.
Private: Private department is not visible to the clients and its department title shall not be listed in the ticket form. A private department is only available to the software staff members from the Staff CP. This can prove to be a handy feature when you wish to create a internal department available only to the company staff members.

Is Default: This setting allows you to set the department as default in the ticket form. Once set as default, the department name is automatically pre-selected in the ticket form. Selecting ‘Yes‘ will set the department as default.

Module: SupportSuite has two main modules – Tickets and Live Support

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Tickets: A department assigned to this module shall be available exclusively for the Tickets section of the software.
Live Support: A department assigned to this module shall be available only for Live Support section of the software. Only Live Support department shall appear in the Live Support chat form.

Templates: This setting allows you to assign a department to a specific template group. A department assigned to a template group shall not be visible in any other template group.

Kayako ss admin018 Department Kayako ss admin017 Department

You can choose the template group for the department by clicking on ‘Customize‘ option, which when clicked shall display the available template groups.

Fill the above explained fields and click on ‘Insert Department‘ to add a new department. The software will display a confirmation message once the department is successfully added.

Kayako ss admin020 Department

Manage Departments: This section allows you to edit, delete and manage the departments.

Kayako ss admin022 Department

This section shows the list of all the existing departments. The Department List is displayed according to Department Title, Type and Module.

Department Title: Displays the chosen department name
Type: Shows if the department is Private or Public.
Module: Displays the module chosen for the department.

Quick Search: You can use the quick search feature to filter a specific department from the Department List. You can search for a department using the Department Title you chose while creating the department.

Options: The options feature has been sub-divided in 3 sections:

Kayako ss admin023 Department

Mass Action: The Mass Action feature allows you to delete more than one department at a time.
Advanced Search: The advanced search feature allows you to search either by Department List or Department Type.
Settings: The settings tab allows you to choose the number of departments the software should display on one page.

All the three Options sections will automatically appear when one or more departments in the Department List are chosen.

Edit: The edit feature allows one to modify the department settings, originally assigned to it when it was created. You can edit the department settings by clicking on the Edit icon which appears in the Options section of the Department List.

Delete: The delete feature allows you to delete a department. Once a department is deleted, all the tickets which exist under this department shall be removed from the SupportSuite database. A department once deleted cannot be retrieved. You can delete the department by clicking on the Delete icon which appears under the Options section of the Department List.

SupportSuite allows you to sort the department list as per Department List, Type or Module. Click on either of the three options to choose an appropriate view type for your Department List. It further provides you an option to sort the departments in the ascending as well as the descending order.

Kayako ss admin025 Department

An arrow pointing downwards next to the chosen option suggest the departments are sorted in the ascending order while an arrow pointing upwards suggest the departments being sorted in the descending order.