Admin CP – Welcome Page
Once you log into the Admin Control Panel you shall see the Dashboard. This page contains a snap shot view of the software along with some useful links using which we can configure SupportSuite.

Kayako ss admin003 Welcome Page

You shall see, the Admin CP is divided into four distinct sections:

Top Panel
Set Up Panel
Navigation Panel
Main Display Panel

Top Panel: The Top Panel consists of the SupportSuite logo along with the links to the Staff CP and the Client User Interface.

Kayako ss admin037 Welcome Page

- Logged In: This displays the Username using which you have logged into the Admin CP
– Support Center: This is a link which when clicked opens the Client User Interface in a new window.
– Staff CP: This is a link which when clicked opens the Staff Control Panel in a new window.
– Logout: When clicked, logs you out of the Admin CP

Set Up Panel: This section allows you to Insert as well as Manage Departments and Staff Members.

Kayako ss admin006 Welcome Page

Navigation Panel: To the left of the page is the Navigation Panel. This section is the key to getting around the Admin CP. When you first visit the Admin CP, you will notice that all the options of this panel are in a collapsed state. You can click the available options to expand it and show its contents. Once re-click the options collapse into the Navigation Panel.

Kayako ss admin010 Welcome Page

Main Display Panel: This brings us to the Main Display Panel, where the majority of the attention will be focused when administering the software. Any options selected from the Navigation Panel shall display all the possible settings in this area.

Kayako ss dashboard001 Welcome Page

If at any time you want to return to the welcome page of the Admin CP you can do so by clicking on Home ยป Dashboard in the Set Up Panel.

Welcome Page