Piping Preface – Email Parser Installation
This section of the manual covers the required steps before you proceed with the piping setup on Unix systems. If you plan to setup the Parser on Windows or use POP3, you can jump straight to the relevant chapters.

Before proceeding, you should setup the required email queues as described in the Admin CP » Mail Parser » Insert Mail Queue section of this manual. We will be assuming the queue email that we will be using is ‘support@company.com’.

Change Permissions

The first step is to change the permissions of the cli/index.php file of the package.

Kayako capture0001 Email Piping

This sets the permission of index.php as “executable”. This is a required step to set email piping under any system.

PHP Path Confirmation

You now need to find out the path where PHP CLI (Command Line Interface) is installed. You can do so with the “whereis” command as described below.

Kayako capture0002 Email Piping

The above image shows that the PHP is installed under /usr/bin/php and /usr/local/bin/php location. The first line of the index.php in the cli directory should match this path.

Kayako capture0003 Email Piping

Zend Optimizer/ionCube Loader Check

Once the permissions and path of the PHP have been confirmed, you now need to check whether or not Zend Optimizer/ionCube Loader are installed with the PHP CLI.

This is a crucial step as the software will not run without Zend Optimizer or ionCube Loaders. You also need to keep this in mind that PHP CLI is completely different than your mod_php installation. So even if you have Zend Optimizer/ionCube Setup with Apache, it might be possible that they might not be configured with your PHP CLI. The reasons for this could be that the PHP CLI uses a separate php.ini or the version number does not match the one of your mod_php installation.

You can open the Debug prompt by running the index.php as

“./index.php –h” OR “/full/path/to/support/cli/index.php –h”

Once loaded, select the 1 prompt to check for Zend Optimizer/ionCube Loader installation.

Kayako capture0004 Email Piping

The above image shows that the Zend Optimizer/ionCube Loader is not installed on this server.

Kayako capture0005 Email Piping

The above image shows that the Zend Optimizer is installed. If either of them are present, you can safely proceed with the installation.

If you do not have either the Zend Optimizer or ionCube Loader installed then please refer to the “Troubleshooting – Piping” section.

Email Piping