Piping on cPanel – Email Parser Installation
This section of the manual covers installation of Email Parser on cPanel Control Panel.

We are assuming that we will be setting up the email support@company.com and that the corresponding Email Queue has already been created under Admin CP » Mail Parser » Insert Mail Queue.

Note: Your cPanel skin might be different than the one displayed in the screenshots.

- Login to your cPanel and click on the “Aliases / Forwarding” section.

Kayako capture0016 Piping on cPanel

– Once the corresponding page loads, click on “Add Forwarder” option.

Kayako capture0017 Piping on cPanel

– After the Add Forwarder page loads, you will need to create the alias.

Kayako capture0018 Piping on cPanel

As displayed in above picture, we will need to enter support in the alias name and “|/full/path/to/cli/index.php” which in this case is “/home/company/public_html/ support/cli/index.php”.

– That’s it! You now have a working cPanel Piping Installation.

If you experience any issues then please refer to the “Troubleshooting – Piping” section of the manual.

Piping on cPanel