Piping on PLESK (PSA) – Email Parser Installation
This section covers installation of Email Parser on PLESK Control Panel by SWSoft.

We are assuming that we will be setting up the email support@company.com and that the corresponding Email Queue has already been created under Admin CP » Mail Parser » Insert Mail Queue.

- The first step is to chmod the httpdocs directory (httpsdocs if you are installing under SSL) to 755.

Kayako capture0012 Piping on PLESK

If this command is not executed, you will receive a bounce message with “Permission Denied” error.

– You will then need to edit the file “/var/qmail/mailnames/company.com/.qmail-support” and set its contents as “|/home/httpd/vhosts/company.com/httpdocs/support/cli/index.php”.

Kayako capture0013 Piping on PLESK

– That’s it! You now have a working support@company.com email address. You will need to make sure that there is no corresponding POP3 account under the same email address.

Piping on PLESK