Piping on UNIX – Email Parser Installation
This section of the manual covers installation on various popular MTA (Mail Transport Agent) available for Unix servers. The commands listed below require an SSH/Telnet login into the system. If you are using a Control Panel like Plesk or cPanel, it is recommended that you refer to their own Installation sections.

It is assumed that you have already created an email queue for support@company.com and set its Method as Pipe under Admin CP » Mail Parser » Insert Email Queue.

Definition of Terms

Alias File: A file that points a specific email address to the cli/index.php file of package. The MTA references this file to lookup which script the data should be piped to.

Various popular MTA (Mail Transport Agent) covered by the manual are:

– Qmail
– Exim
– Sendmail
– Postfix

Each of them are explain in detail in the following sections of the manual.

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Piping on UNIX