Sendmail – Piping on UNIX – Email Parser Installation

Alias File:


Assuming that we are setting up and we will create the corresponding entries in the file as follows: “|/full/path/to/cli/index.php” “|/full/path/to/cli/index.php”

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Note: This file might contain other entries for describing routing of mails in your system. You should not edit any of those lines.

Sendmail: SMRSH Instructions

Certain Sendmail systems are configured with Sendmail Restricted Shell to prevent execution of any third party malicious programs or scripts. If you receive a bounce message with SMRSH failure then you will need to configure the mail parser with SMRSH in the following manner.

- Find SMRSH Path: The first step is to find the SMRSH path, run the command “man smrsh” as described below.

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The path to SMRSH is listed in the second paragraph. By executing the command we now know that SMRSH files should go under “/etc/smrsh”.

Other Possible Locations of SMRSH:


Create Symlink: We will now need to create a symlink to our cli/index.php under the directory /etc/smrsh

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The Command Syntax is:

ln –s /full/path/to/cli/index.php /etc/smrsh/index.php

Change Alias File: Once the symlink has been created, you should change the alias file contents

FROM: “|/full/path/to/cli/index.php”
TO: “|/etc/smrsh/index.php”

That’s it, You have now configured the mail parser with SMRSH.

Once the alias file has been edited, you will need to run the “newaliases” command.

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