POP3/IMAP Setup on Windows – Email Parser Installation
This section covers installation of POP3/IMAP on generic Windows Servers. We are assuming that we will be setting up the email support@company.com and that the corresponding Email Queue has already been created under Admin CP » Mail Parser » Insert Mail Queue with the method selected as any of the following options and that the corresponding mail server, username and password have been configured:
- POP3

It is also assumed that your server meets all the requirements and that you have PHP, Zend Optimizer/ionCube Loader and MySQL installed and fully configured.

- Confirm IMAP

Your PHP Installation should have the extension “PHP IMAP” installed, To configure this, open your php.ini and look for [extensions]. Make sure there is a line as following without a preceding “;” (Comment).


You can also check your phpinfo.php file (instructions available in Troubleshooting section) and look for IMAP section.

Kayako capture0019 POP3/IMAP on Windows

- Confirm Task Scheduler

Go to Start » Control Panel » Administrative Tools » Services and make sure that the Task Scheduler service is running and set to run on startup.

Kayako capture0020 POP3/IMAP on Windows

- Setup WGET

You should download the Open Source WGET utility which allows you to execute a URL. You can download it from http://users.ugent.be/~bpuype/wget/.

We are assuming the utility has been placed under c:\wget\wget.exe

- Setup Scheduled Task

You will then need to add a Scheduled Task, go to Start » Control Panel » Scheduled Tasks » Add Scheduled Task.

Kayako capture0021 POP3/IMAP on Windows

You will now need to select the wget.exe from the Wizard Popup

Kayako capture0022 POP3/IMAP on Windows

Select Daily as the time of execution

Kayako capture0023 POP3/IMAP on Windows

Kayako capture0024 POP3/IMAP on Windows

Select 12:00 AM as the time of execution and click on Next.

Kayako capture0025 POP3/IMAP on Windows

Select the Advanced Properties Checkbox and click on Finish.

Kayako capture0026 POP3/IMAP on Windows

Set the Run Path to: C:\wget\wget.exe -q -O nul “http://www.domain.com/support/cron/index.php?_t=parser”

Kayako capture0027 POP3/IMAP on Windows

On the corresponding Popup, click Schedule and then Advanced. Check the Repeat Task checkbox and set the interval to 5 minutes and duration to 24 Hours. Click Ok and apply the settings. The task will now run every 5 minutes.

POP3/IMAP on Windows