Setting Up Version 3 and Importing Data – Upgrade
Setting Up Version 3

After you have successfully backed up your version 2 database, now you need to install and setup SupportSuite version 3 as explained in the ‘Basic Installation‘ section of the manual. Follow all the steps of the Basic Installation section except this time do not delete the setup directory as directed in the final installation section.

Importing eSupport v2.3.5 data into Version 3

Assuming you have successfully installed version 3 of SupportSuite on your server without deleting the setup directory, you now need to re-run the setup directory in your web browser.

Kayako ss upg012 Set Up v3 and Import Data

To start the import process, open your browser and type the HTTP address of your SupportSuite directory, followed by /setup/, then hit the <Enter> key or press the Go button to open the script.

On running the setup script, it shall lead you to a page with four set up options:

Kayako ss upg013 Set Up v3 and Import Data

– Setup
– Upgrade
– Modify
– Impex

Click on the ‘Impex‘ option to initialize the import of eSupport v2 data. On clicking on the Impex option, the software will forward you to the License Agreement page. It is important that you read and understand the License Agreement before proceeding. Once read, you can now click on the ‘I Agree’ tab to proceed with the import.

Kayako ss upg014 Set Up v3 and Import Data

On clicking the I Agree tab, the software shall lead you to the product information page displaying all the necessary details.

Kayako ss upg015 Set Up v3 and Import Data

The proceed with the import, you now need to enter your software Administrator login details in the text boxes adjacent to the Username/Password fields. Use the admin access information you used while setting up Version 3 of SupportSuite.

Note: Make sure you use the admin access information used while setting up Version 3. Any other login information used will produce an error.

You now need to choose the Product from which you want the import script to import the data from, by default the software selects eSupport v2.3.5. Other products whose data can be imported into version 3 are:

– Cerberus Helpdesk v2.6.1
– PerlDesk v1.8
– SupportTrio v2.1 (added in v3.00.26)

Since we are importing eSupport v2.3.5 data, we shall choose eSupport v2.3.5 from the drop down menu. We now need to fill eSupport v2.3.5 database information into the import script. Enter v2.3.5′s database information in the text boxes adjacent to the Database Host, Database Name, Database Username and Database Password fields.

Note: Incase you are not sure about your v2 database information, you can always retrieve it from the config.php file located in the admin directory of the software.

Once you have entered the requested information, click on the ‘Next‘ tab to upgrade the script. On clicking on the Next tab, the software will auto import your the chosen product’s data.

Kayako ss upg016 Set Up v3 and Import Data

On completion, the script shall display the success message ‘Import Successful’. You have now successfully imported eSupport v2.3.5 data into the Version 3.

Kayako ss upg017 Set Up v3 and Import Data

It is now important that you now delete the setup folder to prevent any unauthorized re-installation of the software. Once deleted, you can start using the new build and explore the new features.

Note: The software shall display a Warning message until you have deleted the setup folder.

Set Up v3 and Import Data