New License Key – Upgrade
Before we can proceed with the upgrade, you now need to download the SupportSuite license key and upload it onto your web server overwriting your existing eSupport license key.

Downloading the new License Key

You now need to login to the Kayako Members Area and download the SupportSuite license key. Once logged in, you can download the license key by clicking on the ‘Download License Key‘ link.

Kayako members3 New License Key

Once clicked, your browser shall prompt you to save a file onto your computer local hard drive.

Kayako members4 New License Key

Click on the option ‘Save’ as save the file onto your hard drive as ‘key.php’. We shall upload this license onto your web server replacing your eSupport license key.

Uploading SupportSuite License Key

Connect to your server via FTP (if not already connected), you now need to upload the license key file (key.php) which you earlier downloaded in the root directory of the software in BINARY format.

Kayako ss upg019 New License Key

Once you upload the license key, you will most likely be prompted by the FTP client asking if you want to overwrite key.php. You should confirm this prompt, telling the FTP client that yes, you do want to overwrite the existing license key.

Kayako ss upg018 New License Key

We are now ready to run the upgrade script to upgrade eSupport to SupportSuite.

New License Key