Upgrading your Script – Upgrade
From time to time it will be necessary to upgrade your eSupport/LiveResponse/SupportSuite installation to the latest version, either to gain new features or to fix newly discovered bugs in PHP, MySQL or the script itself.

Sites running eSupport v2 will need to follow slightly different instructions from sites already running version 3 and upgrading to the latest version.

When upgrading, the first step is always the same, you must log in to the Kayako Members Area and download the latest eSupport/LiveResponse/SupportSuite package available, as described in the installation instructions.

In this section, we shall be upgrading our eSupport v3.00.04 installation to the latest version 3 build.

Note: Version 3.00.13 is the latest build at the time this section is been written.


– It is extremely important that you back up your existing database, prior to any upgrade incase there are any failures with the upgrade script.
– Make sure you do not delete any files from files directory of the software. This is break you script completely.

IMPORTANT: The basic procedure for upgrading your existing version 3 (eSupport/LiveResponse/SupportSuite) installation remains the same as mentioned in this section. Some upgrades may require you to do something extra, like restoring certain templates, which are not mentioned in this upgrade process. For such additional requirements, please refer to the new version announcements which are available at Kayako Forums.

Upgrade v3.x